The Politicizer Team

Conor J Rogers | From the Right

Hometown: HoHoKus, New Jersey
Ideology: Center-Right

Recognized by PolitickerNJ as an up-and-coming leader of the next generation, Conor got his start in politics by founding the Republicans Club at Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell, New Jersey in 2004. The club, which quickly became a volunteer corps for local Republican candidates and campaigns, merged with local high school Republican clubs to form the Bergen County Teenage Republicans (or TARs) in 2005. Conor served as chair of the Bergen TARs until his graduation in 2008. While at Bergen TARs, he simultaneously served as head of the New Jersey Teenage Republicans, at the time, the largest teenage Republican volunteer group in the Northeast. As a youth political director in New Jersey, he worked on over a dozen campaigns, including Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign and Kean for Senate 2006. He has been featured in US News & World Report, and The New Jersey Record for his work in politics. No longer a registered Republican, Conor left the GOP in 2010 and opposes both President Obama’s left-ward push and the politics of Sharron Angle.

Conor currently attends The George Washington University and is a political science major. He served as the Freshman Representative for the GW College Republicans, interned for John McCain’s general election campaign and now serves as the Director of Public Relations for the pro-life student group Colonials For Life. Conor is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Politicizer.

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Kathleen McCaffrey | From the Right

Hometown: Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Ideology: Libertarian Republican PromoKathleen

Kathleen, the co-founder of The Politicizer has served on a variety of debate and political clubs throughout high school and college. Her favorite books include ‘Capitalism and Freedom,’ ‘The Road to Serfdom,’ ‘Letters to a Young Contrarian,’ ‘The End of Faith,’ ‘The Master and Margarita,’ and Corpus Aristotelicum. Her favorite publications are The Economist and Vanity Fair.

Kathleen is double-majoring in philosophy and history at Cornell University. Previously, she studied at New York University, where she also played for the varsity women’s golf team. She contributes to The Cornell Review, participates in Logos – the undergraduate philosophy journal, and serves in the Cornell Libertarian Club. In the fall of 2009, she studied in Berlin, Germany at Humboldt University. Last April, she was awarded the IHS Charles G. Koch Summer Fellowship, a nationally-recognized program for young libertarian leaders. This summer, she will intern as a Bartley Fellow at The Wall Street Journal‘s London bureau.

Michele Walk | From the Center Right
Associate Editor

Hometown: Boxford, Massachusetts
Ideology: Moderate Republican promoMichele

Michele is a New Yorker-reading, NPR-listening Republican. A lifelong follower of political news (she had personal subscriptions to news magazines by middle school), she used to think her views put her in the Democratic Party.  But in 2008 she realized her most important policy stances were more in line with the GOP, and ended up campaigning in three states for John McCain.

Ideologically, she identifies as a moderate because of her belief that civil dialogue between the two parties is vital for sound public policy. Her icons are Adam Smith, Theodore Roosevelt and Muhammad Yunus.

Michele is a junior at the George Washington University. She is the President of the Colonials for Life, GW’s pro-life student organization. Her writing has also appeared in the London Daily Telegraph.

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James Sasso | From the Left
Associate Editor

Hometown: Hamden, Connecticut

James Sasso grew up in a very politically charged environment listening to NPR and reading the New York Times . Thus, his liberal leaning ideologies are no surprise. Still, James is not dogmatic and prefers to approach every issue as unique, listening to all opinions before deciding. Government has an increasingly important, yet increasingly difficult, role to play in society and the economy. James believes that it should not be feared, but embraced. He worries that today’s politicians have forgotten how to lead. Although a registered Democrat, he has often been frustrated by their policies and rhetoric. He prefers not to identify himself as a “leftist.” He does, however, identify with liberals who believe the environment needs immediate and thorough protection.

James is a senior at Boston College where he studies History and Political Science. He is writing his thesis on polarization in American politics traced through the health care debate since 1970. He is an avid basketball player, cook/foodie and traveler. He studied abroad in Parma, Italy and hopes to return to Italy on a Fulbright Scholarship. to study the Slow Food movement.

One of his favorite quotes is the ancient Roman Symmachus:

“It is reasonable to assume that whatever each of us worships can be considered one and the same. We look up at the same stars, the same sky is above us all, and the same universe encompasses us. What difference does it make which system each of us uses to find the truth? It is not by just one route that man can arrive at so great a mystery.

Tim Peterson | From the Left
Associate Editor

Ideology: Independent
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

A registered independent, Tim leans to the left but finds conventional political labels to be limiting and prefers to consider himself “Socratic.” He is particularly interested in the role of the loyal opposition and holding all politicians accountable for their political practices regardless of ideology or affiliation. With regards to issues, he is especially interested in education reform and is currently actively following the ongoing troubles in California.

Tim graduated from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2009 with a concentration in the representation of cultural identities. He has previously written for the Santa Monica Observer, and is currently the Assistant Editor at Access magazine. He lives in Queens, New York.

Paul Marin | From the Center
Associate Editor

Hometown: Constanta, Romania
Ideology: Liberal Republican

Born only four months after the fall of communism in Romania, Paul witnessed his country’s transition from a reign of fear and deprivation to rule of law and a free economy. This unique political experience influenced Paul’s core beliefs that politicians do not face a trade-off between good policy and good politics and that only a free economy can produce dignifying prosperity.

In 2008, Paul worked for local National Liberal Party candidates in the Romanian parliamentary elections. In 2009, Paul joined the liberal candidate’s presidential campaign, working with its online youth group to both develop political strategy as well as work in grassroots campaign. Currently, Paul serves as secretary on the executive board of the GW chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity and interns at The National Interest Magazine.

Paul has been living in the United States for the past six years and now studies international affairs at the George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Jesse-Justin Cuevas | From the Left

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Ideology: Liberal

A strong believer in Jeffersonian democracy, Jesse believes that every citizen should lend his mind (but not his body) to the state. She supports direct democracy in theory but believes it impractical for modern America. Although she strongly advocates for it, she blames individualism for much of the country’s lack of political participation. Jesse is a proud feminist but not a Westernizer; the American exceptionalist attitude horrifies her. With regards to economics, she supports market regulation and government social programs because of a belief that because system is intrinsically classist and racist.

Jesse graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2009 with a concentration in Propriety and Politics: Sex, Deviance, Morality, and the Law. Her interdisciplinary curriculum consisted of intense political philosophy and many different veins of cultural and identity politics: gender and sexuality studies, feminist theory, race politics, and queer theory. Jesse currently teaches Pilates full-time in Manhattan, copy edits for $pread Magazine, and frequently updates her online writing portfolio.

Staff Writers

Emma Carpenter | From the Left

Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Ideology: Liberal Democrat

Emma attended her first political rally at the age of four and has been hooked ever since. In 2007, she served as a United States Senate Page, sponsored by Senator Ken Salazar. She has volunteered on campaigns in Colorado, including Obama’s campaign as well as Ken Salazar for Senate in 2004. She also worked on the Visibility Committee for the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

Emma currently attends the University of Colorado, where she is majoring in Women’s Studies. She previously attended the George Washington University, where she participated in the Elizabeth J. Somers Women’s Leadership Program and served as Freshman Representative and the Political Affairs Director for the College Democrats.

Om Pandya | From the Right

Hometown: Fort Pierce, Florida
Ideology: Conservative

Om is a conservative who leans libertarian on many issues. However, he is a pragmatist rather than an ideologue and likes to define himself as a “libertarian hit by reality.” He prides himself on an open mind and basing political beliefs on reason rather than partisan rhetoric.

Om is currently a senior at New York University where he is pursuing a B.A. in Politics and Economics and a Masters in International Relations. He is an active member of the College Republicans, has worked for many Republican campaigns both in his hometown in Florida and New York, and currently is interning with Republican Ryan Brumberg’s congressional campaign in Manhattan. His interests include international political economy, finance, and amateur political punditry.

Stephanie Phillips | From the Left

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Ideology: Environmentalist

Stephanie’s political focus is largely centered on sustainability and energy policy. Though registered as an independent, she often sides with the Democrats and supports a bipartisan effort in creating sustainable energy policy. She also leans Democratic on diplomacy and social issues such as health care and education.

Stephanie graduated from New York University in May 2009 with a degree in Politics and Sustainability. At NYU, Stephanie worked for the university’s Sustainability Office on climate action planning and student outreach and engagement. This past year she also co-chaired the Energy and Water Working Group of the NYU Sustainability Task Force developing green energy recommendations for the university. Her involvement in politics includes internships for Portland City Commissioner Erik Sten, New York City Council Member Gale Brewer, and for the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission in Portland, Oregon. She is currently working on the John Kitzhaber for Governor campaign in Oregon.

Alec Jacobs | From the Right

Hometown: Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Ideology: Conservative Republican

A reformed liberal, Alec is politically conservative, and is particularly passionate about fiscal issues and illegal immigration. He is a junior at the George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs, where he is majoring in Political Communication. He is an active member of the College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation.

Like every other student in D.C., Alec has interned on Capitol Hill, but more recently he was an intern at the Daily Caller. He’ll be returning to the Caller in September. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, on Fox Nation, and on the American Spectator‘s list of daily must-reads. He has also written for his high school and college newspapers.

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Tyler Bilbo | From the Left

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Ideology: Partisan Democrat

A longtime political enthusiast, Tyler is a self-described “red state Democrat” who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His experience growing up in the state that gave John McCain his largest margin victory forms the foundation of his political outlook. An all around progressive Democrat, Tyler emphasizes the importance of packaging liberalism in a way that can sell in the heartland. In addition to searching for a marketable liberal message, Tyler is an avid follower of the United States Congress and Congressional elections.

Tyler is a government major at Georgetown University. A member of the Georgetown University College Democrats, Tyler also serves as the political advocacy co-chair for GU Pride, Georgetown’s LGBT student organization.

Adam Sieff | From the Center Left

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Ideology: Independent

Though Adam does not formally identify with any political party, he leans Democratic nationally. A critic of radical liberalism, Adam considers himself a center-left pragmatist in the recent tradition of the “Third Way.” He is especially concerned about the increasingly populist direction of American political life.

Adam is currently a senior at Columbia University, where he is majoring in political philosophy and international politics. He has also studied in Washington, DC, during which time he interned on Capitol Hill and worked an organizer for the Obama for America campaign. At Columbia, he is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Publius, contributor to the Columbia Daily Spectator, a delegate to the Ivy Council, and previously served as Co-Coordinator for the Obama Campaign at Columbia. Adam was recently awarded the Edwin Robbins Fellowship by Columbia’s Political Science Department, and has had his writings on international relations theory and political philosophy published in undergraduate journals. His commentary has also appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Daily News.

Nick Autiello | From the Center Right

Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Ideology: Moderate Republican

A moderate Republican, Nick subscribes to the philosophy that the state can and should make the lives of its people better through good public policy, but that it cannot do that without first respecting the individual rights of citizens and the power of the free market economy. Though he is interested in all areas of public policy, he is particularly interested in foreign affairs and education policy.

Nick is a junior at Florida International University where he double majors in International Relations and History. He is Chief of Staff of the Student Government, Chairman of the College Republicans and a Vice President of his fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon. He also lobbies for student interests and education reform as a member of the Legislative Affairs committee of the Florida Student Association. He has worked in the Rhode Island House of Representatives and for the Rudy Guiliani and John McCain presidential campaigns. He is currently working on the Charlie Crist for Governor campaign in Florida.

Kevin Hollinshead | From the Left

Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Ideology: Progressive Democrat

A proud progressive Democrat, Kevin wishes to show others that the so-called “far left” is more mainstream than some may realize. He values pragmatism, civility and accountability above all else from our elected officials; while he has traditionally voted for Democrats, he views members of other political parties that possess these qualities in equally high regard.

Kevin is a senior at Colorado State University, where he is majoring in political science. He is currently serving as the Associate Director of Legislative Affairs for the CSU student government and is a student facilitator for the CSU Center for Public Deliberation. He has interned at the Colorado General Assembly, working in the House Majority Policy and Communications office.

Peter W. Fulham | From the Left

Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts
Ideology: Democrat

Peter typically sides with the Democratic Party on both social and economic issues. His writing has appeared in The Buffalo News, The Chicago Tribune, and USA Today. At The Buffalo News, he worked on a student-produced section of the newspaper, writing news and feature articles, as well as editorials. He currently writes for Politics Daily.

Peter is a sophomore at Georgetown University, where he is majoring in political science. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his three brothers at his family’s home in Newton, MA.

Emily Sieg | From the Left

Hometown: Windsor, England
Ideology: Social Democrat

Emily primarily focuses on international affairs in her work for The Politicizer. Europe and the European Union constitute her chief issues of interest in addition to matters of human rights. Her experience in European politics is a result of time spent in Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Emily most closely identifies with the German Social Democrat Party (SPD) but does not identify with any specific party in the American political system.

Emily is a senior at the George Washington University. She is majoring in International Affairs (concentrations in Conflict & Security and Europe & Eurasian Studies) and German Language as well as minoring in Political Science. Her greatest interests are comparative European politics and language studies. During the school year, she interns for the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Washington DC, a political organization with close ties to the SPD. This summer, she is interning in the state parliament in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany) for the committee on international affairs; her primary field of concern is maritime policy in the Baltic Sea. At GW, she is the President of the German Club and an editor of GW Discourse, a journal for international and domestic politics as well as political theory.

Meg Storm | From the Right

Hometown: Huntington, New York
Ideology: Conservative Republican
Name: Meg Storm
School: NYU 2013
Ideology: Conservative Republican
Hometown: Huntington, NY

As a registered Republican in one of the bluest states in the country (New York), Meg’s strong conservative ideology would certainly not be considered “the norm.” Her interest in politics began around the age of 12 when she began listening to pundits like Bill O’Reilly and Mark Levin. Born and raised Roman Catholic, Meg holds an avid pro-life stance. She has been working since age 14 and is never more furious then when she opens her hard-earned paycheck and sees a mind-boggling amount of taxes taken out.

Meg is a rising sophomore at New York University, where she is studying Journalism and Politics, in addition to dabbling in Economics. She is the Secretary of the NYU College Republicans for the 2010-2011 school year. This summer, she is interning at Glenn Beck, helping to raise awareness for the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C.

Matthew Lifson | From the Center Left

Hometown: Oradell, New Jersey
Ideology: Market Democrat

Though holding strong positive views about the market, Matthew is a member of the Democratic Party because he believes a socially just society must work to provide substantive rights to its citizens, especially to the least well off – but he also holds that market mechanisms and economic liberties are essential to that mission. The central tenet of his political philosophy is that people should be afforded maximum freedom over their own lives, and his favorite thinkers are Friedrich Hayek and John Rawls. His primary interests are civil liberties, political psychology, economic policy, and international development.

Matthew is a junior at Brown University, where he double concentrates in Economics and Development Studies. He was a campaign volunteer in New Hampshire for President Obama and is the Legal Policy Editor of the Brown Policy Review. Matthew has interned at the Human Rights Campaign and the Council for Global Equality. He is currently interning for the House Committee for Education and Labor this summer.

Patrick D Therriault | From the Right

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut
Ideology: Republican

Though Patrick registered in 2006 as a Republican, he remains resistant to voting “the party line” and is frustrated with business-as-usual politics. Rather, he is an apostle of John Stuart Mill, and the theory of Utilitarianism. The role of a government is to solve coordination problems, to enact polices that do the ‘greatest god for the greatest number of people’, and protect the vulnerable from a ‘tyranny of the majority’. May the best ideas win.

Patrick graduated from New York University in May. He has spent semesters abroad in Florence, London, and Washington D.C., where he interned at the National Republican Congressional Committee under Congressman Pete Sessions. Over his senior year, he was employed at Real Estate Econometrics/Real Capital Analytics and intends to pursue a law degree in the near future. He enjoys running in his spare time and is the Technical Director for Simsbury Summer Theater.

Stephanie Rushford | From the Right

Hometown: New York
Ideology: Libertarian Feminist

With a family that house both self-proclaimed “socialists,” and Ron Paul Republicans, Stephanie is fascinated, and cynical, of political extremists, and the political theater in Washington D.C. Stephanie’s obsession–a love affair, really–with politics began when she was a young child. A voracious reader, she tore through many books and periodicals, including the New York Times Magazine. An early passion for politics continued into college, where she wrote weekly opinion pieces for The Torch, the student newspaper at St. John’s University. She covered many political topics including: illegal immigration, wire tapping, and the 2008 election.

Stephanie graduated from St. John’s University in 2008 with a degree in English. Combining her passions for politics and journalism, while in college, she interned and freelanced for MTV and NBC. Most recently, she worked at Fox Business, working on producing news stories that combined business news and politics. She is an active member of the professional organization New York Women in Communications, and currently dividing her time between two of the organization’s Committees.

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Lianna Stroster | From the Left

Hometown: St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Ideology: Reagan Democrat

Lianna became interested in politics and the health care battle when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and lobbied Congress in favor of stem cell research. Her interests and involvement have expanded since then. After joining the Junior State of America in high school, she’s been active in politics. After founding her high school’s JSA chapter, she moved to Washington D.C. to serve as a Congressional Page for her junior year. Before heading off to college she interned in Congressman Sander Levin’s Michigan Office, and worked on a number of campaigns in the 2008 election cycle.

Lianna is currently studying Political Science at Clark University. She has remained politically active in college by interning for the Democratic National Committee and volunteering on a number of campaigns. She currently serves as the President of the Democrats of Clark University.  Last summer, she interned at the Democratic National Committee office in DC.

Rob Mindell | From the Center

Hometown: London, England
Ideology: Classical Liberal

While he does not ally himself to a particular political party, Rob most closely identifies with David Cameron and Barack Obama. He is a vocal critic of political extremism, which he sees as a grave danger in all forms.

A self-confessed seeker of truth, Rob aims to challenge how and why issues are placed on the political spectrum. For example, what has the environment got to do with left and right? Is a desire for equality incompatible with economic aspiration? Is the right to life now secondary to other civil liberties? Do you have to be anti-American to be considered ‘left’ in Europe? Is the Middle-East really the biggest threat to global security? How do our ideals shape our political beliefs? These questions are consistently at the heart of Rob’s writing.

Rob attends Cambridge University, where he is studying Law. In addition to journalism, he has also worked in business and public affairs. He also writes for Varsity Newspaper, the Cambridge Student, and the Cambridge Berry.

Lindsay McNamara | From the Left

Hometown: Long Valley, NJ
Ideology: Environmentalist

In support of a smaller American Carbon Footprint through alternative energy sources and general energy-efficient living, Lindsay follows politics related to natural resource conservation, energy policy, and sustainability practices. She sides with the Democratic Party on matters related to education and healthcare.

Lindsay is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Law, Policy and Politics at the University of Delaware. At Delaware, she is the President of Students for the Environment, the undergraduate representative on the Executive Council of the UD Sustainability Task Force, and has served as a student senator. Lindsay has also volunteered with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, Clinton Township Environmental Commission and the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions, where she was published in their environmental publication, The ANJEC Report. This past summer, Lindsay enjoyed being a part of the Summer Nature Program through Hunterdon County Parks and Recreation. Over her winter break, Lindsay interned with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in the Office of Brownfield Reuse.

Sam Bain | From the Right

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Ideology: Conservative Republican

Sam is a New York born, Ohio raised, conservative Republican. The son of an Air Force captain, he grew up near the military base in Dayton, Ohio often watching the C130s fly overhead. Growing up with 5 brothers and sisters, his parents made sure to instill in him the conservative values of compassion and individual responsibility. He learned early on that hard work and dedication were the keys to the American Dream.

Sam currently attends Wright State University, where he majors in Business Management and serves on the board of the Ohio College Republican Federation. Sam has been actively involved in politics since high school and has campaigned for candidates in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia and California. He has also interned at Young America’s Foundation, the Department of Education and the Bush White House. Aside from politics and current events, Sam spends a lot of time reading and jogging as well as going to the shooting range.

Mika Rekai | From the Left

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Ideology: Liberal

Mika Rekai is a Toronto politico who is just delighted to be writing about American and International politics from north of the border. She has been dabbling in Canadian politics since she was very young, and has held memberships to four different political parties in the past. So far she has been a progressive-conservative, a moderate-liberal, a neo-socialist and a fiscally prudent green activist. She has not yet been a French-Canadian separatist, but there is still time. She appreciates American politics for their relative simplicity and rather hilarious fridge groups. Fundamentally, she believes in the lessons of history, and that politics are best approached with a sense of humour.

Mika is currently finishing up at Trinity College in the University of Toronto, where she is majoring in Classical Civilizations. She was Editor-in-Chief of Salterrae magazine as well as the first female president of the Trinity College James Bond Society. She writes her more irreverent opinions on politics at

Josh Akman | From the Center Left

Hometown: New Jersey
Ideology: Democrat

Josh has been a Democrat all of his life. Hailing from Blue Jersey, the idea of being a Republican was as farfetched as the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska running for Vice President– it just wasn’t done. Now, as Chris Christie is becoming the second coolest thing about his home state (other than Snookie), he can’t help but wonder if he being a Republican really is the new popular thing to do. Just kidding.

Josh has worked on two Democratic state races in New Jersey and a well successful Democratic Congressional race. He currently works for a management consulting firm in Washington DC, which he really enjoys. Though if Palin or Huckabee get the nomination in 2012, he’ll have to quit this job and campaign full time against them.

Jonathan Neumann | From the Right

Hometown: London, UK
Ideology: Republican

Jonathan sits on the political Right, with strong preferences for limited government at home and a strong foreign and defense policy abroad, but is not wedded to any principles per se. Ironically, he has been accused of neo-conservatism, a label he allows with some qualifications, if only to provoke. He prefers partisan hack. He has just graduated with a second degree, having studied political philosophy, political economy, and history. Based in London and familiar with British and European politics, he is particularly interested in American affairs; he has worked at the Hudson Institute and the Foreign Policy Initiative in DC, and with the Henry Jackson Society in the UK, in finance, and in teaching. He has also been involved in student politics in Britain, writing for student publications and founding a national student journal.

His preference is for limited government at home and a strong foreign and defense policy abroad.

Noah Baron | From the Left

Former liberal content editor.
Hometown: Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Ideology: Progressive Democrat

Noah got his start in politics in high school, when he co-founded an anti-sweatshop and anti-genocide student group called the New Jersey Human Rights Alliance. Though only brief in existence, the NJHRA was involved in distributing information about sweatshop conditions in third-world countries and the genocide in Darfur in a number of shopping centers throughout New Jersey. Soon after, Noah co-founded both a debate club and an Amnesty International club at his high school, the former he led from 2006-7, the latter from 2005-7, when he graduated from high school.

Noah currently attends Columbia University, where he is majoring in political science and history. While in college, he has interned for John Edwards’ presidential campaign in New Hampshire, the New York State Democratic Committee, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Currently, he is the editor of the Columbia Spectator opinion blog, The Commentariat, as well as on the executive board of Kesher, the reform Jewish group on campus. He also worked on the Rev. Billy for New York City mayor campaign in the fall of 2009. He currently writes for the Huffington Post‘s college edition.

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