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The Politicizer is an online magazine written by college students and recent graduates. We publish articles regardless of political affiliation or point of view. In addition to our regularly published writers and columns, we also have an open submission policy. To submit an article to The Politicizer, you’ll need to follow five quick steps:

1. Create a Writer Profile
2. Follow the instructions sent to your e-mail to active your account
3. Select “New Post”
4. Copy-and-paste your article into WordPress.
5. Choose a title and “Submit for Review”

Please include a short biography of yourself at the end of the post. Please include your e-mail so we may contact you with any edits or notify you when your op-ed has been posted. Your e-mail will never be made public. If you have trouble submitting your article, send us a copy of your article instead.

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor (once per week or twice per month) send us a recent writing sample, your resume, a brief sketch of your political viewpoints!

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