Autiello: Will True Christianity Please Stand Up?

Nick Autiello, Contributor

The notion that homosexuality is a sin and un-Christian is one that is less than a hundred years old. It is wrong, and has no basis in scriptural or historical reality.

SASSO: The Coming New Year

James Sasso, Associate Editor

As the tumultuous 2011 comes down to its final day, this column could contain an obnoxious summary of the year’s extraordinary events. Rather than once again discussing the protests around the world, the death of Osama Bin Laden, Fukushima, America’s political ineptitude, Europe’s demise or the increasingly frightful weather patterns, here I attempt to predict what 2012 holds in store.

SASSO: Kicking the Can

James Sasso, Associate Editor

For one of the first times in his tenure as Speaker, John Boehner has made a statement with which every American, Republican or Democrat, should fully agree; the two-month Senate bipartisan extension of the payroll tax cut fails to fix the nation’s problems sufficiently. Providing a short-term band-aid to a long-term dilemma contradicts what a responsible government should accomplish, but fits the pattern of contemporary American politicking.

CIOCCI: A Foolish Consistency

Mitt Romney is guilty of serial hypocrisy, Newt Gingrich is guilty of being a public intellectual constantly scrutinized by the media and others, and Ron Paul never ceases to remind me about one of my favorite quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Essays: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”

AKMAN: Jon Huntsman’s Meaningless Campaign

Josh Akman, Columnist

Jon Huntsman did not participate in the CNN Debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. Short of his family and small (and getting smaller) campaign staff, no one really noticed. In a bizarre and counterproductive effort to impress New Hampshire voters Huntsman skipped the debate to protest Nevada moving its caucus ahead of New Hampshire’s, which has always been the nation’s first primary. It’s bizarre because no one else skipped the debate. It’s counterproductive because right now, Jon Huntsman is polling 6% in New Hampshire.

SASSO: The 99% Rising

James Sasso

Associate Editor

For the past month a movement has grown out of Zuccoti Park in New York with the potential to grab at the very heart of America’s problems. “We are the 99%” is not simply a catchy phrase used by frustrated jobless Americans , but a commentary on the disgraceful economic inequality that has arisen in the United States since the 1970s.

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LIFSON: Pick Pelosi

Matthew Lifson, Columnist

Half of the Blue Dog Coalition failed to win reelection in the miderms — but progressives were largely untouched, meaning the makeup of the Democratic caucus will be significantly more liberal than it has been in recent years. As the most prominent liberal in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is the leader Democrats need to deliver them from the political wilderness.

AKMAN: President Obama, It’s Time to Fight

Josh Akman, Columnist

Democratic candidates in Congress are beginning to fight. As their majorities in Congress are disappearing faster than the ozone layer, Democrats are getting up and getting pissed. Now, as Democrats see a bleak gleam at the end of the tunnel (meaning their losses in November might just be disastrous, not catastrophic), the message to the president could not be more clear: FIGHT.

RUSHFORD: She’s a Lady—But Is That All?

Stephanie Rushford, Columnist

Yesterday was Women’s Equality Day, a day Congress designated to commemorate the ratification of 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. However, as revolutionary as the ratification of the 19th amendment was, there are still many ideological battles for women to fight and win in 2010.

PETERSON & ROGERS: The Left’s Battle Cry Should Be a Dean Scream

Tim Peterson, Left-Independent
Conor Rogers, Center-Right

A smattering of pundits have argued that Democrats lack a salesman, someone to not simply counterbalance conservative criticism but to argue the progressive cause. Heading into November and beyond, the left needs its own Sarah Palin, its own Glenn Beck. They need Howard Dean.

BILBO: Arizona, BP and a Golden Opportunity for the GOP

Tyler Bilbo, Columnist

Can the GOP accomplish the herculean task of reclaiming the House and the Senate? Thanks to Obama’s failure to intensify Democrats, it’s looking like they can.

LIFSON: Republicans Make the Center a Moving Target

Matthew Lifson, Columnist

If Democrats want moderate bills, they must make liberal arguments and then move to the center only though debate and negotiations. Otherwise, Republicans will just continue to choose new, more conservative positions and move the center with them.

BILBO: The Rise of the “P” Word

Tyler Bilbo, Columnist

As Democrats sit idle, Glenn Beck and the right have turned a neutralizing political label into a pejorative.

BILBO: A Teachable Downfall

Tyler Bilbo, Columnist

In 2007, Alabama Congressman Artur Davis became the first non-Illinois politician to publically endorse Barack Obama. Longtime friends from Harvard Law School, Davis and Obama share a lot in common. As youthful black politicians whose aspirations take them beyond majority-black constituencies, the two have de-emphasized traditional minority issues for the sake of building multi-racial and politically viable coalition.

BILBO: The End of an Era

Tyler Bilbo, Columnist

The retirement of Wisconsin Congressman Dave Obey signifies the end of an era and the passing of Congress’ Old Guard.

NEAL: The Party of ‘No’ Nonsense

Malik Neal, Conservative

There is something noble and necessary about saying “no” in Washington. The GOP should continue to say “no” to excessive pork barrel projects and irresponsible spending. By saying no to nonsense, the Republicans can have numerous victories in the upcoming mid-term elections. When elected the GOP must say yes to prudent policies such as advocating for smaller government, lower taxes, and responsible spending.

BILBO: Every Democrat Should be Thankful for Bill Halter

Tyler Bilbo, Yellow Dog Democrat

Blanche Lincoln’s vulnerability transcends the ideological preferences of Arkansas’s conservative electorate. For the sake of keeping Lincoln’s seat in Democratic hands, Bill Halter cannot afford to feed into an ideological dichotomy that distracts voters from Lincoln’s corrupt presence in Washington. Even if Halter does play into this liberal vs. conservative game, however, his primary will ultimately help Lincoln by making her appear more conservative in the general election.

BARON: What Progressive Strategy?

Noah Baron, Religious Progressive

I would much rather have one more moderate Democrat in the Senate and a Democratic majority than a failed progressive Democratic candidate, and no majority at all.

HOLLINSHEAD: A To-Do List for Obama, Dems

Kevin Hollinshead, Progressive

If an anti-reform Republican was able to win the seat of universal health care’s greatest champion, what do this November and November of 2012 hold for Democrats? Unless the Obama administration shakes things up, they’re on thin ice.

CUEVAS: America the Despot?

Jesse-Justin Cuevas, Liberal

When Alexis de Tocqueville visited the United States in 1830 he found a profound fascination with American politics. Following his visit, he wrote Democracy in America’s first volume. In it, Tocqueville reveres the American system for its positive valuation of participation that manifests in the practice of townships and municipal institutions.

BARON: A History Primer for Republicans

Noah Baron, Religious Progressive

Lately, many prominent Republicans have been pretending that the events of September 11, 2001 either didn’t happen, or did not happen during the Bush administration. Sounds like these folks need a brief lesson in recent history.

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