Emma Carpenter, Staff Writer
Ideology: Liberal Democrat

Recently, Obama announced Sonia Sotomayor as his nominee to replace Justice David Souter Supreme Court. Personally, I am thrilled that not only a woman, but a minority woman was nominated. Clearly Obama is a progressive and realizes the importance of keeping the court diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, gender and political beliefs. I support his choice and am very excited about her confirmation process. We should all be excited about the new perspective and wealth of experience she will bring to the court and how it will help the court expand its rulings to be inclusive of a diverse range of groups.  After all, this nation is made up of more than just white males and it is logical that the voices of women and minorities are heard just as clearly as the voice of a white male.

However, I am disappointed in the focus on her views on abortion. Frankly, her belief on abortion is almost not relevant. I am pro-choice, and very much so. But I don’t think that we should be so concerned with her belief one way or the other. We should be concerned with making sure Obama nominates a competent and capable Justice, one who respects the Constitution and makes sure it is held up. That is much more important than her views on any issue. The Justices’ job is not to make biased decisions, but rather to make decisions based on what the Constitution dictates. I know many liberals would disagree and many people are concerned with her political views. But frankly, I care more about her record as an Appeals Court Judge and her competency than anything else. Would I be upset if she voted to overturn Roe V. Wade? Of course. But if she had legitimate Constitutional evidence (which I don’t believe she would) than I would have to respect the decision. I would say the same of any other ruling: If the justices offer convincing Constitutional evidence, then their ruling must be respected.

Hopefully, she will turn out to be a wise choice, not because she is a Latina woman, but because she is an intelligent Latina woman with a great passion for the law.

A former Senate Page and Colorado political campaign veteran, Emma currently attends the George Washington University, where she is majoring in Women’s Studies. She participated in the Elizabeth J. Somers Women’s Leadership Program and served as Freshman Representative for the College Democrats. Currently, she serves as the Political Affairs Director for GW College Democrats. A liberal democrat, Emma writes from the left for The Politicizer.