Conor Rogers, Editor
Ideology: Republican

In an unprecedented move by a US President, Barack Obama has very nearly refused to comment, act or speak out regarding a popular uprising, wherein millions of people have risen up, protested, and endured gunfire, beatings and brutality. These people are demanding nothing more than the right to vote and live as they wish – the mantra of the United States. This is not even to mention the fact that it is occurring in a nation that the US has been trying to get to embrace democracy for decades, or that the man they are protesting in favor of, Hossein Mousavi, is an avid supporter of the United States. Throughout history, the President of the United States has embraced democratic uprisings and the dawn of freedom at nearly every turn. The most famous of which can be summarized in one quote by Ronald Reagan, “Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall.” Reagan not only spoke out against the Soviet oppression of the German people, he traveled Germany during the height of tensions and sided with freedom for the German People, despite its risky international and political implications.

Fast forward to 2009, the protests are the same, and the goal is the same. The threat posed by radical Islamic governments is nearly the same as the Soviets. The difference: The American President.

Barack Obama promised change, but this is not what we had hoped for. Is he no longer the leader of the free world? Does the United States no longer speak out for, defend and ensure the freedom of people around the world? Has tip-toe diplomacy replaced our value of freedom for all?

I cannot be any clearer – people are dying in the streets, men, women and children are being shot, killed and beaten, simply for the right to vote – and the President of the United States says that he does not want to get involved.

Mr. President, when one chooses to run for President of the United States, that is a choice to get involved, and a choice to be the guardian of liberty. People are dying in the name of freedom, liberty is being suppressed, yet President Barack Obama has said nothing.

Mr. President, tear down this silence, speak up, and act like the leader of the free world.