Welcome to The Politicizer and with it, welcome to a new perspective on politics. The Politicizer is a new kind of political blog – It is neither right wing, nor left wing, nor is it moderate. The Politicizer is not a news feed, a report, or even a journal – rather it is the voice of the generation that was the focus of the 2008 election – young people, the ‘Internet Generation’.

The Politicizer is comprised of twelve writers of all different political persuasions: capitalist, socialist, Democrat, conservative, liberal, Republican and moderate – and we all have one thing in common; we are politically active members of our generation, we’ve grown up together with the world at our fingertips, through economic booms, terrorist attacks, two wars and now the recession. We all want to help our nation become the best it can be – but like every generation before us, we couldn’t disagree more on how to do it.

Welcome to the Internet Generation,
Conor Rogers, Editor

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